Phat Belli Farm

6 Fleetwood Road, Belli Park QLD, Australia

0458 045 158

Phat Belli Farm are a small, local, family run pasture raised egg business based in Belli Park. Our hens are allowed to do what hens should be allowed to do… roam, scratch and dust bathe in the pasture as they please – true free range birds that are never locked up. Our stocking density gives the birds 6 times more space than the Federal Governments ‘free range’ guidelines. The hens are moved several times a week onto new pasture which not only gives them fresh pasture to forage in, but allows the soil behind them to recover, regenerate and regrow.

Phat Belli Farm eggs are sold by several butchers and shops who stock our jumbo eggs – including:

  • Wright Cut Meats in Cooroy, Master Meats in Noosa Civic
  • Mt Ninderry Meats in Yandina
  • Jeffers Wholesome Foods in Yandina
  • Silo Wholefoods in Yandina.

We also supply several restaurants and bakeries including:

  • Cafe Le Monde in Hastings St
  • Barefoot Bar and Grill on the river in Noosaville
  • Tanglewood Organic Sourdough Bakery
  • Ten Acres handcrafted sourdough
  • Mulberry Cafe in Cooroy.

From the Farmer Food Co also use our eggs for amazing breakfast rolls at various local markets.

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