Tailfin Water Rail

Sunshine Coast QLD, Australia


0450-018 840

Tailfin Water Rail – A Great Aussie Invention

If you love taking you boat out and have not yet experienced what the Tailfin Water Rail can do for your boating pleasures, you are missing out!

There are numerous advantages to owning this great Australian Invention –

  • 3 x faster and smoother ride through rougher water
  • Frees prop thrust from levelling duties saving energy
  • Provides additional energy and lightens steering
  • Holds bow up from free falling into the bottom of wave gutters
  • Softens bow contact and adds suspension
  • Faster smoother and dryer rides through rougher water
  • Holds the hull more level on a water rail in following sea

The Tailfin Water Rail is arguably the biggest revolutionary improvement in boating performance since the introduction of the outboard motor to a boat. You can feel and hear the Tailfin Water Rail working the hull from the stern.

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