The Yoga Retreat House

5 Goodchap Street, Noosaville QLD, Australia


0426 405 652

} SUN - THU 9.30am to 6.30pm | FRI SAT closed


The Yoga Retreat House is conveniently located in the very heart of Noosaville. Escape the rush of everyday life and visit a space where you can refresh and reset your mind and body.

Our yoga studio is a unique healing place in Noosaville where you will find classes for everyone.

The Yoga Retreat House specializes in the following yoga styles:

  • Flow (Vinyasa / Yang) – designed to stretch and strengthen
  • Yin – improves joint mobility
  • Yang & Yin – will leave you feeling wonderful
  • Meditation & Mindfulness – cultivating more peace, focus, and energy in body and mind
  • Junior Yoga – designed for teenagers are based on the Flow style emphasizing flexibility, balance, & strength

There are so many physical and mental benefits of yoga so why not surrender to The Yoga Retreat House and improve your MIND BODY & SOUL.

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